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A little about our mission...

Soap by Amanda conveniently and reliably brings the luxury of handcrafted artisanal soap directly from her kitchen to your home, providing your skin and senses just what they need and love at bath and shower times. 

Amanda Ryan   

Soap by Amanda is hand crafted in Amanda Ryan’s home kitchen in Harbison Canyon, California, located in the foothills of the Laguna Mountains in San Diego’s east county. A native San Diegan, Amanda began soapmaking in 2007. As the beer industry began to grow around her, Amanda fell in love with craft beer, and she started experimenting with beer soap recipes of her own. She partners with San Diego breweries to offer a monthly beer soap inspired by the full range of craft beers available at her local breweries and tasting rooms. She creates natural bath and body products that are nurturing for the skin using minimally processed plant oils, and nurturing botanicals. Amanda chooses sustainable and responsibly sourced ingredients and creates unique and sensually pleasing soap you can feel good about using and gifting.

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