How It Works

When you sign up for a Soap by Amanda box, you will receive a box of two carefully selected handcrafted bars of soap each month. You can choose from two limited edition artisanal soaps OR two soaps made from craft beer OR one of each!

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 Soap by Amanda offers a one of a kind craft product in a convenient subscription box service format.  As an independent artisan, Amanda Ryan works at home handcrafting artisanal soap in small batches and sources quality oils, and molds from other independent companies operating in the maker community. More and more people appreciate the creativity that goes into handmade soap. Soap by Amanda is produced using traditional methods and uses plant-based ingredients and contains glycerin which softens and moisturizes the skin. These soaps are organic in nature and free of any petrochemical products.

Moreover, subscription boxes are exciting! You will find this model very rewarding. You pick your soap type, sign up for a subscription, and be surprised every month with a special product that wasn't produced for the masses, but created by Amanda just for you.

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Subscribe now and receive your handmade soap reliably each month. You won't have to hunt your local craft fairs or farmers' markets because you know your Soap by Amanda is on it's way.